Vendors’ Hall Agreement

  1. PSFAFAE will provide limited security for merchandise stored in the room which includes:
    • The doors to the room will be locked after hours. The expo will make every effort to protect the sanctity of your product; however we cannot guarantee it.
    • After hours access to the Vendors’ Hall by Vendors will be only by permission of the Vendor Hall Coordinator and will be in the company of the Vendor’ Hall Coordinator (or designee) and expo security.
  2. Vendors are responsible for their own security during business hours. PSFAFAE accepts no liability for merchandise during the show.
  3. Security will be posted during any hours that in-room exhibits (if any) are open and the Vendors’ Hall is closed.

By this commitment, Vendors agree to the following:

  1. Vendors agree to carry their own insurance or self-insure against theft, loss and liability (the expo provides no insurance against theft and loss; and insures only itself and the facility against liability losses).
  2. Vendors have the option to provide security for merchandise at their own expense.

Rules for the Vendors’ Hall

  1. No smoking or vaping is allowed in the Vendors’ Hall.
  2. Tables are placed according to city fire codes and should not be moved without the express permission of the Vendors’ Hall Coordinator.
  3. Vendors are advised that the State of Arizona and City of Phoenix require them to have all appropriate licenses and/or sales tax permits and collect appropriate taxes from sales made at PSFAFAE 2018 and remit them to the State and City.
  4. Bootleg and/or illegal materials are not permitted in the Vendors’ Hall. Should there be discovery of such, the Vendor may be required to forfeit their fees and leave the expo. The matter may also result in the offender being banned from future events.
  5. Please keep in mind that this is a family friendly event.